5 Tips to Help Sell Your Maryland Home This Spring

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It is generally agreed that spring is a great time to sell your home. After the winter weather has come and gone, home buyers tend to swell in numbers – meaning you may have a larger market of potential buyers for your property. With that said, selling a home is never easy. This is likely […]

Predictions for the 2018 United States Housing Market

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If you pay attention to the real estate market, you already know that 2017 was quite a year. Many parts of the country saw record gains in home values, making it difficult for many potential buyers to crack into the market. Of course, it was a great time to be a seller, as long as […]

How to Sell Your Home Around the Holiday Season

The holiday season is not exactly the busiest part of the year in the real estate world. Of course, that probably isn’t much of a surprise – after all, people usually want to be settled in around the holidays, with their home decorated and room available for family and friends. But what if you need […]

Tips for a Smooth Military Relocation

For a civilian, moving can be a tremendous challenge. That challenge is taken up to another level, however, when the move involved military personnel. With Fort Detrick here in Frederick, MD, this situation is highly familiar to local residents. For one thing, a military relocation is not usually a simple move across town. More likely, […]