Remember Your Fans When It Comes to Spring Cleaning

As a Maryland homeowner, the recent arrival of spring means many things. Of course, it means that winter has come and gone, which is a welcome relief for many people. Along with improved weather comes the opportunity to get outside and enjoy different recreational activities, and warm spring days will cause many to look ahead […]

Real Estate Agent Dan Hozhabri Speaks At Seller Seminar

real estate talk

Last month, our own Dan Hozhabri presented at a seller seminar at The Links at Challedon in Mt. Airy, Maryland. We had a great group of people who were all engaged and everyone got to speak with someone who was part of our panel – including our partners at McLean Mortgage Corporation. The event was […]

5 Tips to Help Sell Your Maryland Home This Spring

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It is generally agreed that spring is a great time to sell your home. After the winter weather has come and gone, home buyers tend to swell in numbers – meaning you may have a larger market of potential buyers for your property. With that said, selling a home is never easy. This is likely […]

Predictions for the 2018 United States Housing Market

housing trends

If you pay attention to the real estate market, you already know that 2017 was quite a year. Many parts of the country saw record gains in home values, making it difficult for many potential buyers to crack into the market. Of course, it was a great time to be a seller, as long as […]