How to Save for Your New Home’s Down Payment

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For many people, the down payment is the biggest hurdle standing between them and homeownership. You can have great credit, plenty of income to make the monthly payment, and no other issues stopping you from buying a home – but the loan won’t get off the ground if you don’t have enough cash available for […]

When You Buy a House, Look for These Signs of Value

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Whenever you spend some of your hard-earned money, you want to get good value. That is true when you go out for dinner, and it is certainly true when you purchase a home. Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life, so you want to get it […]

Five Reasons to Put Your Maryland House on the Market This Summer

Do you own a home in Maryland that you have been thinking about selling? If so, this summer just may be the right time to do it. While you’ll obviously need to think about all of the personal ramifications of selling your home in the coming months, there are plenty of things to like about […]

Remember Your Fans When It Comes to Spring Cleaning

As a Maryland homeowner, the recent arrival of spring means many things. Of course, it means that winter has come and gone, which is a welcome relief for many people. Along with improved weather comes the opportunity to get outside and enjoy different recreational activities, and warm spring days will cause many to look ahead […]