Staging Tips


De-Personalize your home

This means removing family portraits and photographs from your walls and tables. The prospective buyer wants to see themselves living in the home and not be distracted by who currently lives in the home. I know you are proud of the mounted deer you have in the living room, but that’s not what a prospective buyer will want to see greeting them as they walk into the room.

Keep your home clean at all times

You never know when a buyer may want to come by, so you don’t want them to visit your home on the day when you forgot to make the bed or clean off your counters.

De-Clutter your home

You are preparing to move anyways, so why not box up some of the belongings you won’t need anytime soon and store them in a storage unit or at a relative’s home for a short time. You only want the essentials so that your home looks open and spacious to the next buyer. Also, if you have furniture that takes up quite a bit of space in a room, remove some so it opens the room up.

Neutralize your home

I know you love having your favorite sports team’s color painted in your basement, but that’s not going to be appealing to the next buyer. Chances are, they are going to paint over it anyways, so why not do it now to help your home show even better. Use a neutral color (white) for any room or walls in your home where the colors are a bit bold.

Create Curb Appeal

The first thing a prospective buyer sees when they arrive at your home is the front exterior. You want to make sure that it makes a lasting impression of what’s to come on the inside, so be sure to weed those flowerbeds, plants some colorful flowers and don’t leave anything handing in the lawn or front porch that takes away from your home.

Take a Walk Through of your home

The best way to see everything a prospective buyer will see when they tour your home is for you to take a closer look at it yourself. Look for areas of the home where a buyer would point out and remember as not being in the best condition (holes or markings on walls, stained carpet, missing tiles or moldings, etc.). These are the things that they will focus on and may label your home as one that will “need work”.

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